Viorel Trandafir is a modern classic Romanian painter, with Moldavian origins, who captures in his canvas the authentic charm of the past eras. He studied for about two years the technique of the old masters together with another recognized Romanian painter, Laurențiu Popa, and he wants to do everything possible for this technique to be reborn at the level of contemporary painting.

Having several local exhibitions in diverse cities from Romania, but also being part of many national exhibitions, the painter Viorel Trandafir surprises through his techniques of chiaroscuro but also by themes from the most contradictory ones. Now a nude, then Mary Magdalene during a revelation, a still life, a religious theme, an old face, all of these create a vast universe of ideas in Trandafir’s painting.

Being in a continuous search for styles, a continuous search for an inner self-lost some time ago, oscillating between realism and hyperrealism in brush or knife techniques, painting in darker tones the deepest corners of the soul, the painter exhibits emotions on canvas, expressions of inner feelings or cityscapes from lost eras.